Android 16, Energy Amplification (SPR)
[BT8-121 ]

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    Set: Malicious Machinations
    Era: Special
    Rarity: Special Rare
    Game character: Android 16
    Color: Blue;Green
    Energy color cost: 2(BG)
    Card type: Battle
    Power: 5000
    Combo energy: 1
    Combo power: 10000
    [Auto] [Once per turn] When your opponent combos, choose up to 1 of those cards and place it at the bottom of its owner's deck, then negate this skill for the duration of the game.If you have a Blue/Green multicolor card from your hand, place the top card of your deck in your energy in Rest Mode, and you can't play Battle Cards with power between 30000 and 35000 for the duration of the game.

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