COVID-19 and Gauntlet

by Gauntlet Food and Games Angola

Some major changes to Gauntlet day to day operations have taken place as we stand unified against this pandemic.

First, the big tangible changes. We have moved our event area into Suite E , thus separating the restaurant and the card store 100%. Staff will be on hand at both locations to serve you. All seating is closed to restaurant users at this time, but carry out, delivery and curbside pick up are available.  No events will be held over 50 people (with our small size, nothing changes there). Other changes may need to be made as the government sees fit, and we will continue to work with local authorities to keep you as safe as possible, after all, we are a community. 

Now for the intangibles, we have gotten rid of the tablemats temporarily, doubled up on sanitizing efforts (although we have always been extremely diligent regarding sanitation, its important to note we are being especially thorough during this crisis). 

Please don't stay away. Our sales have slumped almost 80% as of right now. We can fulfill deck lists, and mail product it need be, even delivery within 8 miles of the store for a small fee. Many small businesses will fail during this trying time, and although I'm sure we will make it through, please support us, and all small I always say, Vote with your wallet.

Thank you all, We Love You All!

Staff, Gauntlet Food and Games Angola    

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