Core 2021 Prerelease Announcement

by Gauntlet Food and Games Angola

Core 2021 Release information :

  • Draft booster boxes are available to be picked up during prerelease weekend, June 26th -  28th  at a cost of $105 plus tax ($112.35) and will receive all buy-a-box materials at that time
  • Bundle packs will be able to be picked up the following weekend Friday July 3rd, at a cost of $40 plus tax ($42.80) 
  • If both a draft booster and bundle pack are prepaid and reserved by June 21st, the price of $140 for both items, tax included will be applied 
  • Sealed case (six draft boxes) price is $600 tax included 
  • Collectors Boosters will be first come, first served $235.00 Tax included
  • Event entry cost is $25 per seat, per event
  • Event Schedule and times are as follows: 
    • Friday June 26th 6:00pm - Sealed
    • Saturday  June 27th Noon- Sealed
    • Saturday June 27th 6:30pm - two headed giant sealed
    • Sunday June 28th 1:00pm - sealed
    • Sunday June 28th 5:30pm - two headed giant sealed ( 3 round cap )
  • If all five events are played, a discount of $15 dollars will be issued on the last event
  • If $50 or more is spent on ANY prepaid (Event or Sealed) product, we will issue you $5.00 store credit to spend immediately!!!

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